In N Out Wine Cellar

About Us

In N Out Wine Cellar provides one-stop wine storage and wine delivery service in a 24 hours temperature and humidity controlled environment. State-of-the-art face-recognition system is applied to protect the cellar against unauthorized access, ensuring that each valuable wine in our wine cellar is properly stored.

In N Out Wine Cellar is located in Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island, which the geographical position is superior. The wine cellar is our self-owned property that opens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in which customers are able to store or take out wine at their convenience. With different types and sizes of wine cellars, different needs of customers can be satisfied.

Our mission is to always put our customers first. We provide customers with exquisite wine storage services and wine collection services in which we directly store our customers’ wine in the designated wine cellar to ensure that the entire transportation process is safe, convenient, and efficient. In N Out Wine Cellar is a wise choice for wine collectors and wine lovers of all levels.

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