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Wine Cellar

Bottle Storage

We equipped for holding independent bottle of wine. Customer can store their wines without the cases. It is also providing a flexibility to adjust the quantity.
We equipped for holding independent bottle of wine. Cu......

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Wine Locker

Equipped with 2 adjustable shelves, suitable for storing 6-12 cases of wine. Each case can be placed on separate shelf. Customers can easily retrieve or store their own wine collections. Wine locker also had a limited time offer now!
Equipped with 2 adjustable shelves, suitable for stori......

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Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar is suitable for storing about 20 to 500 cases of wine. You can use Bottle Rack and Case Shelves to organize your wine cases for easy storage and retrieval. The wine cellar is an independent storage space where customers can store all kinds of wine from different countries in a private cellar that is temperature-controlled and 24 hours accessible.
Wine Cellar is suitable for storing about 20 to 500 ca......

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Moving Service

In N Out Wine Cellar can arrange one-stop delivery services for you. Our transportation team will pick up the wine in person at your assigned time and address. They will deliver your wine in a refrigerated truck and place the wine to your cellar properly.

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Wine Collection Service

We provide collection and temporary storage services on behalf of you. We will  count the quantity of goods for you, saving your time to receive the goods in person. All deliveries will be stored in a holding locker under lock for 14 days.

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Other Chill Storage Services

Within our storage facility, we also have set up other refrigerated storage areas of different sizes equipped with temperature and humidity control to accommodate customers who would like to place temperature-sensitive goods (such as high-quality chocolate, seafood etc) in our storage facility.

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Wine Cellar Services

In N Out Wine Cellar is a professional and self-owned wine storage service in Hong Kong. If you’re looking for a safe and secure place to store your wine, we offer 24-hour security surveillance as well as 24/7 access with strictly face-recognition system so you can take your wine in and out without hassle. Not only does In N Out Wine Cellar present a wide range of services ranging from individual wine bottle storage, wine lockers, and wine cellars, we make sure that your wine is stored in a climate controlled environment to keep temperature steady between 13-15° C, along with humidity at 60%.

In N Out Wine Cellar offers a wide variety of sizes in different prices so customers can get a suitable wine cellar size easily. We also provide a one-stop moving service and free wine collection service for helping customers place their wine directly into dedicated storage. At In N Out Wine Cellar, we are wholly committed to giving our customers the best service from start to finish. Whether it be the storage experience itself, or anything from transportation to facility security, our wine storage is both highly customizable and a customer experience driven service.

We welcome you to visit to our wine storage service to choose your cellar in person. Easy, fast and high-quality service is our commitment. Ensuring our customer’s satisfaction when using our wine storage services is extremely important to us.

For more information or to arrange a visit for In N Out Wine Cellar, please feel free to contact our team at 2580-2088.

In N Out Wine Cellar Equipped With

12°C - 15°C
Temperature Control
All-year round temperature control to provide optimal storage conditions for your wines.
Humidity Control
Automatic humidification function to maintain the humidity within 65% - 70%, the best humidity for storing wine.
Face-Recognition System
State-of-the-art face-recognition and access card security system nto protect the cellar against unauthorized access.
24 Hours CCTV
Off-site CCTV monitoring 24 hours a day, and ADT security system.
LED Lights
Each wine cellar has its own low-intensity LED lighting to ensure wines are kept in high quality standard.
Fire Equipment
Automatic sprinkler system, fire alarm, fire extinguisher and emergency escape door.

Why choose In N Out Wine Cellar


-Self-owned property

-We have professional customer-services

-We provide high-quality service to customer

-We equipped with transportation service

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